Who’s got pumpkins?

I always thought fabric pumpkins are pretty cool….I decided to try and figure it out and looked and looked for directions.  I remembered seeing something one time on making them and since I couldn’t find the directions went off of memory and got creative.


If you know how to make a fabric yoyo, you can make a pumpkin.  What you will need….

  1. Fabric of your choice in assorted colors / patterns.
  2. Pot lids in various sizes (the bigger the lid, the bigger the pumpkin).  If you don’t want to use a pot lid or you can make a template using the thumb tack, string and a pencil method.
  3. Leaves; you can use silk or make some from green felt.
  4. Wood dowel or small piece of branch for the stem.
  5. Wire (optional) to make the vine (thicker gage)
  6. Embroidery floss.
  7. Needle and thread.
  8. Fiberfill.
  9. Hot glue.

Trace a pot lid onto the fabric using a pencil.  After you are done, cut the circle(s) and your ready to make your first yoyo.  Using a needle and thread stitch around the edge of the fabric using a basting stitch, when you get to the end, gently pull it to gather it into a pouch leaving an opening big enough to stuff. After you have stuffed it to the firmness you want, finish pulling the edge closed and stitch together to hold the in place.

Get your embroidery floss ready (do not separate strands).  You will then take the embroidery needle and push it up through the bottom of the pumpkin and pull it out of the top to start making the pumpkin shape; you’ll want to make sure you pull it tight enough as you go around to keep the shape.  You can tie it off either at the top or bottom of the pumpkin.

Next, grab your leaf (leaves) and hot glue it in place.  You would then cut a piece of dowel to the size you want for the stem and paint it green or brown or use a piece of branch and hot glue it to the center of the pumpkin.  If you choose to, you can add a stem by using the wire; cut the desired length and bend it in a spiral shape using needle nose pliers or a pencil and hot glue it in place.

These are great for fall decorations or make a set and give them as a gift.  I sell them at craft shows and the little ones are a big hit.

I hope you enjoyed my pumpkin tutorial.  Please feel free to share a pic and/or leave me a comment.

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Unicorn Horns

Can I just say how much I love Pinterest?!  How many of you get lost on Pinterest?  I get on there to look up something or just see what’s new to my feed and I end up spending hours on there….You can search ideas on everything from crafts to home ideas to recipes.  Depending on your searches and saves, pinterest will start sending suggestions to you.

While on there I found a bunch of cool unicorn ideas; one of those ideas is a unicorn horn headband.  I used a pattern I found on pinterest; however, came up with my own design for the flowers and the look of the headbands.  You need 5 things if you want to make a unicorn headband.

  1. Headband.  I found my headbands at the dollar tree; I originally used the elastic but I made them for a craft show and the moms asked about the normal headbands, so my second round i’m using the normal cloth covered headbands
  2. Felt.  Your choice of color for the horn and roses
  3. Hot glue
  4. Embroidery floss or contrasting thread
  5. Centers for the flowers (optional)

Unicorn horns

These were a big hit with the munchkins at the craft show, not recommended for children under two years of age.

First you need to find the pattern, or make your own by cutting a cone shape and cutting the tip off.  Once you have the pattern made, pin it and then cut it out of the felt (your choice of color)  You’ll also need to cut a circle just larger than the opening of the horn to cover the headband and stuffing. This pattern is the one I found on pinterest. unicorn horn

After you have cut the horn you can give it a quick sew on the sewing machine or hot glue the edges and turn it once cool (I used the hot glue method).  Once you’ve turned the horn right side out and stuff it.  Once it’s stuffed, get your headband ready ….you’ll hot glue the horn to the headband covering the opening.  Once the headband is on the hot glue, run a bead of hot glue on the headband the size of the opening and take the circle you cut and cover the opening, gently pressing it to the headband and horn… it will be hot so be careful. As the glue cools you’ll be able to make sure that the edge of the circle is secured to the edge of the horn.  Let cool completely and trim the excess once done.

Once the horn is cool, you’ll take either embroidery floss or thread (I used thread) and wrap it around the horn to make it look like the unicorn horn.

You will then need to either use silk flowers, or make your own rosettes and attach them to the headband.  There are a lot of different felt flower tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest you can view if your unsure how to make your own.  After the rosettes are made, you can add some glitter glue to the centers and let dry, or use pearls (colors of your choice).  Attach to the headband and horn once done with hot glue.

Finally, you’ll want to make ears out of the felt and attach them.  You can also embellish with some tulle to make it look like a mane in the front and back if you choose.

My daughter, who is almost 21 decided to dress like a unicorn for halloween and asked me to make her a headband.  They take a little time but are super easy to make.

unicorn horn 2

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial…. Please feel free to share your pics and/or leave me a comment!

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Well…it’s that time of the year again.  My favorite time of year!  Fall is finally here and I hope it’s here to stay.  I love the changing of the leaves, the way they smell when they fall & cover the ground.  The sound they make when you walk on them.  There’s nothing better than going outside with your coffee or hot chocolate and just breathing deeply and smelling the earth.

I love to go to the nature center and walk around.  There’s nothing more peaceful than being out in nature and enjoying the quiet of the earth. Sure there are other people but the nature center is so big not everyone walks on the same paths.  My daughter and I went when the leaves were just starting to change and unfortunately, we didn’t get much nature time…I can’t wait to go back and see the changes.

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is coming….My lovely daughter will soon be 21.  With the changing of the season, also comes the changing of my daughter into an adult.  I feel like i’m always working and between that and her going to school and working part-time, we both cherish the moments where we can spend an entire day together just hanging out.

I hope you enjoy your fall….  Mother nature is an amazing thing and God paints a beautiful landscape.  Take the time to smell the the air, the earth, and see all the beautiful colors and just enjoy the world around you.