So…. I haven’t done any drawing in quite some and while perusing Etsy I came across a painting that inspired me to do a little bit of drawing.  It’s rough but I thought it turned out A-OK.

Growing up I always carried a pencil and sketch book.  If a sketch book wasn’t available it was paper.  My mummum (this is how she spelled it) said “Tish, schools out and here you are carrying paper and pencil with you everywhere,” which was true…LOL.

Right before I got married there was an incident with my portfolio, and unfortunately, I had to toss the whole thing in the trash because I couldn’t save any of it; I lost half my heart that day.

When my daughter, nieces, and nephews were little I use to draw for them all the time.  I moved onto crafting and drawing got put to the wayside.  My daughter has been after me for a while to do it again and was so excited that I was looking for my sketchbook she ran and found it for me.  I have to say it’s wonderful to have the pencil in my hand again. My husband is always super supportive of whatever I decide to do and because of that I have ALOT of craft supplies for all types of crafting.

Well….without much ado, here’s the drawing I was inspired to do because of an amazing artist.